What is Girl Zen?
Your very best self, centered, balanced, grounded, living alert, aware, in harmony with the Universe. It's you... a very powerful force.

Shouldn't it be Zen Girl?
"Zen Girl" would be a girl, Zen-style. "Girl Zen" is Zen, girl-style. Big difference.

Why do I need Girl Zen clothing?
You don't. You have everything you need to be happy right before your eyes. Don't buy anything to be happy. That doesn't work. The happiest persons need the least to be happy. Buy our items because you have to wear something, and it might as well be Girl Zen apparel which is not too costly, high-quality, American-made, reminds you of your potential and says a little about what kind of person you are becoming.

Are you suggesting that by wearing your t-shirt I'll have beauty, grace, strength and wisdom?
Far from it. Few people ever fully attain even one of these goals, much less all four. By wearing Girl Zen you're just reminding yourself to keep moving forward on your journey toward these virtues. Dedicate yourself to becoming your best self. Keep your inner compass headed toward virtue.

I'm already beautiful, so I've got that one covered, right?
Wrong. You're likely thinking of outer beauty. That's as important to your inner beauty as ice cream is to your diet. If you think you've already nailed any of these four characteristics, you probably haven't. Keep working on it.

What are the zymbols?
They are historical icons that relate to the feminine spirit. Research them, and learn how deep runs your girl power.

The Yin and Yang symbol isn't Zen, is it?
It's from a kindred spirituality, Chinese Taoism. Our "Fem Z" design echoes the Egyptian ankh which stood for "life." Like Zen itself, Girl Zen is inspired by many different traditions. That's why it's Girl Zen, not Zen Girl. We are free to add our own experiences and perceptions to the basic ideas of Zen.

Would wearing Girl Zen be against my religion?
Girl Zen is universal truth derived from many sources, East, West, North, South, natural and human-wrought, encouraging young women to strive for beauty, grace, strength and wisdom, and to deeply connect with the eternal feminine principle. Girl Zen is entirely compatible with any and all belief systems that truly value the freedom, equality and individuality of each and every person, male or female. If Girl Zen rubs against the grain of some customs or traditions or beliefs that would seek to subjugate or demean anyone just because of a physical attribute, we are extremely pleased and proud to do so.

Why couldn't your slogan 'Live, Laugh, Learn, Love, Lament' leave out the last part? It's a bummer!
Life is full of ups and downs. We need to prepare ourselves spiritually for each phase. Each of these states enhances the others. Sometimes some of our most precious moments, keenest learning experiences and deepest aliveness are when we face challenge and dissapointment. Prepare, steady and balance yourself for all of it, grasshopper. If you live long enough, it's all coming.

Does Girl Zen utilize sweat-shop, prison or child labor to manufacture its products?
Girl Zen products are conceptualized, implemented, manufactured and printed in America in conjunction with American Apparel. Absolutely no sweat-shop factories or child or prison labor are involved in any of our products. Probably not all of the suppliers of the clothing you wear can say that.

Where is Girl Zen based?
We are based in the Emerald City (Seattle) and City of Destiny (Tacoma), Washington, USA.

How long does it take to deliver my order?
Patience grasshopper. Some items will get to you within a few days. Others, we are custom printing just for you, and it could be a couple of weeks. Do note, however, all items are in limited quantities. So NAB IT now, or it may soon be gone for good.

Why don't you have a size chart?
A sizing chart would be misleading for many of our items because the sizing is not standardized across the board. Some items fit more or less as you would expect, others are a tight fit, and a few are a loose fit. We note on the order page what type of fit you can expect from each item. The cool thing is that most of the items will look great on you in a variety of fits... from snug and form-fitting to a looser look.

Where are the other colors?
Our signature colors are black, white and hot pink. We will ride with these for awhile. But more colors are coming down the line. Let us know what you really, really want.

How can I become a Girl Zen model?
Check out our TeamGZ page.

Can boys have Girl Zen?
They all do. They just don't recognize it as such. Their fragile self-esteem requires that they deny any girlness. They are afraid of it. Take that as a testament to your potential strength. Remember the wisdom of Laozi, the great Taoist sage, who encouraged everyone to "Know the masculine, but keep to the feminine, and become a watershed to the world. If you embrace the world, the Tao will never leave you."

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